[Web] Table Improvements
  • We've added some speed improvements to the table for users that did
    opt-in to E2E Encryption
  • We've added a loading animation on the table as well to make the website feel a little more natural when loading
[Web] Search is now improved to be instant
Search on the web has been changed to be instant search! So instead of clicking the "enter" button to run a search, the results will start appearing once you start typing :)
Bonus: For the technical people out there, we started "debouncing" the search results to make instant search possible.
[Web] Table Fix
  • Fixed an issue on both the "All People" and Group tables where the last few rows were cutoff depending on the screen size
Thanks again Teresa!
[Web] Several Bug Fixes
We've recently fixed the following bugs:
  1. - You are now able to create interactions with dates before and after todays date (major bug)
  2. - The format of interactions are now respected, such as whitespace
  3. - Last interaction date should now be reflected correctly on the profile page as well as the last interaction column on all tables
  4. - A typo on the All People's description page is now fixed
  5. When creating a new person, data from the previously created person still appears
  6. Line spacing for items is now fixed when creating a new person
  7. The notes field is now a field that new users (and yourself) can no longer delete
Big thanks to Teresa for catching these!
[Mogul Web] Removed the little scrolling on the table
On the people table, there was a small (and annoying) amount of scrolling (even through the notes are truncated). We have removed this 20px worth of scrolling
[Mogul Web] Large text boxes on web require user scrolling
On the Mogul web app, large text boxes (mainly for notes) only expanded up to 6 lines. The line limit is now 1000, so users no longer have to manually scroll once they hit this limit
Custom Fields for People + Custom Interaction Types
We've had a number of fields requested by people (Birthday field, University, Company, etc...) and for the longest time have held off on adding them because we wanted to keep the simplicity.
Instead, we've decided to let you add custom fields to people so Mogul can fit your needs. If you want to keep things simple, don't use them at all :)
You can find the settings in the settings page.
Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 7
Additionally, we allow the customization of interaction types! So you can have a "cup of tea" or "conference" instead of just "In Person" or "Phone Call" 🥳